Napoleon 2022: An Exploration of the Human Condition

Napoleon represents natures biggest dilemma. He is connected to nature by being her progeny.  She gave him life.  His curiosity has inspired creativity and his human-centric march has evolved to a point where he is now making extraordinary, unsustainable demands on her. Technological advancements have dramatically altered his connection to nature and to others and physical connections are becoming abbreviated and giving way to electronic ones, isolating the individual.

This banquet of information at his fingertips although overwhelming and unsettling, is unstoppable and inevitable. The mannequin Napoleonpersonifies this struggle between nature and humans technology.

Mixed Media including tech bits and wire, coffee grinder, ceramics, jewellery, epoxy clay, and miniatures.

PUBLISHED! October 2022 in 'SO IT GOES', The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. In Celebration of Kurt Vonnegut's Centennial.

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